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Approach2link is an initiative created as a solution to  people not meeting each other. We help by sharing tips on how to be more approachable and on how to approach others. The tips shared are researched and are tried and critiqued to be true. Approach2link also plans and promotes events that create approachable opportunities. Events that create approachable opportunities are events that promote interaction among individuals.


About the Creative Director 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Fiana. I consider myself shy but whenever I tell people, no one believes me. 

I overcame my shyness by learning how to approach without fear. For cases where I may be fearful, I approach anyway. Now I create approachable opportunities wherever I go and I help others do the same.​

With just under 10 years of psychology experience, I help by sharing the science of approachability so that you too can meet someone new without fear.​ 

Want to work with Approach2link? Here are some testimonies...

Milton McKenzie II, Art Official Souls ENT

A Great Asset!

”I highly recommend Fiana for small or large audiences. Her advice and techniques for engaging with others is practical, timely and a great asset wherever she takes her message of advocacy for shy people.”

She has great ideas for an important niche...

“Fiana is passionate about her work at Approach2Link. She has great ideas about an important niche in the dating industry: how to be approachable and how to make the approach. For folks who are weary about online dating, she provides advice and opportunities (through events) for singles to go it the traditional way - that is, by walking up to someone they admire and saying "Hello.”

Amelia Philips, A  Million Matches
Ross Noe, West End SDA Church Singles Ministry Leader

She is very professional and easy going.

“Fiana has a wealth of information about approach. She is very professional and easy-going. I enjoyed the approach workshop that she facilitated for us. She interacted well with the audience and made the presentation engaging. We learned a lot and were blessed.”

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