You consider yourself easy to talk to but find it hard to start the conversation.

You’re a great listener which means you make a great friend. The problem is, you are having a hard time meeting new people, so you’re not sure how to initiate, maintain or end conversations. I totally understand it. During the six weekly sessions, I’ll show you how to make the approach and be approachable so that you can build relationships as friends, co-workers or romantically. 

The Anomaly Sisters participated in a strategy session because they wanted strategies for a networking event they were going to. In this video, you get a glimpse of what it is like to work with me. 

Approachability Strategy Sessions are individualized sessions which include an open discussion of your fears and desires when it comes to approaching and approachability. Your responses help drive the strategies that are developed so that they are tailored to your needs and wants.  These strategies can be applied immediately and are given weekly.  In addition, follow up and feedback is given as a form of accountability so that you can meet your goals. 

Here are what people are saying...

Knowing how to initiate a conversation is what I benefited from and enjoyed the most. I was able to put this skill to the test in a situation where I had to get to know two new roommates, which was a success
Highschool Student
Thanks for letting me talk through my "confusion" with my friend. Since that time, he's contacted me again... I did leave an open-ended question. Your tips were affirming and encouraging.
Thanks, again, for generously volunteering your time and expertise to help me become approachable. I feel like I am more equipped to approach and be approached.

Ready to Work together?

Let the conversations in your end cease today. You deserve to meet new people without feeling awkward. In six weekly sessions, you will have the tools you need in order to build a relationships.