Are you fearful of initiating conversations because you are fearful of rejection?

Maybe you have been told that you seem “standoffish” and as a result, no one approaches you.

If you identify with either one of those scenarios, then Approach2link is for you.

Hi, I’m Fiana

Nice to meet you!

I am an Approachability Strategist who is affectionately known as The Shy Advocate.

I help you learn approachability strategies so that you can approach or be approached without fear so that you can get that relationship that you so desire.

Whether it be romantically or not, you can use these same strategies at work with your colleague or at home with your family or friends.

I know how it feels to be shy and I strive to encourage and support other shy individuals in their journey of overcoming shyness.

This journey is not an easy one and you may never be not shy but when you apply the strategies I share, you will have the tools to feel the fear but still approach or be approached anyway.

As result, you open much more opportunities to meet new people and get steps closer to accomplishing your desired relationship.

Looking for a real change in your life? Want to build new relationships?
Start creating approachable opportunities now!

I started this initiative because as a singles ministry leader for my church, I would plan singles events and although there were singles all in the same room I noticed that they had difficulty approaching one another. These singles wanted to meet someone yet they didn’t have the tools to do so even when presented with an opportunity.

This was a problem.

So I decided to provide a solution.

I started providing tips and strategies to approach or be approached. And took it a step further by providing interactive activities at these events to make it even easier to approach or be approached.

It was a success.

People were no longer congregating with the same group of friends they came with. They were now, interacting with someone they never met prior and developing a connection.

Many left with contact exchanges to go on a future date, to receive job leads for employment or volunteering opportunities or to simply build friendships.

As you can see, having approach2link is a benefit and it can be a benefit for you too.

Why should you stick around?

Not only will you learn how to approach or be approached, you will learn how to create approachable opportunities on your own and not only that, a bonus with staying connected with approach2link is the opportunity to attend events where the approachable opportunities are created for you so that it’s even easier for you to apply your skills you’ve learned.

The tips and strategies I share are researched based, evidence-based and my own experiences. I don’t just say what I think works. I share what I know works based on what research says or tried and proven to be true by my own experiences.

I want you to only apply proven strategies so when you start hanging with me you will learn more about the proven system that I have developed.

Professional Bio

Talking about my own experience, did you know that I got my husband through applying the strategies I share with others?

Yes, you heard right. You can even get a spouse if you apply these strategies.

But my experience may not be enough for you to trust me and you may want to know a little more about my background.

Well, the study of people has always been an interest of mine. This interest led me to study behavioural science in my post-secondary studies. I continued in the path of psychology for my post-graduate studies. I’ve worked as a Certified National School Psychologist for several years and worked for a local school board as a Psychoeducational Consultant for almost a decade. So not only do I have the work experience and personal experience, I also have the educational background.

Have I convinced you to work with me yet?

Let’s work together!

You can work with me in several ways. You can simply follow my various social media handles and receive regularly scheduled tips of what to do that you can apply yourself.  However, even with the tips, it still may be difficult for you. If this is you, then you may benefit from a strategy session or some coaching so that I can show you how you can implement these strategies.

Please do connect with me if you fit any one of those scenarios.

If you are an organization like a church or business, I work with you too.

I facilitate interactive workshops and seminars that will be beneficial to your organization.

If you want your organization to be approachable or you need help approaching your target group, then approach2link is for you.

Please connect with me to get started.