3 Mistakes Men Make That Ruin Their Opportunities With Women

Men, stop making these mistakes when approaching women

Are you confused about why you got rejected when approaching women? You had a lot to offer and you’re a decent looking guy but you still ruined the opportunity you got with women.  In a moment, you will learn about the top three mistakes that cause men to get rejected by women when approaching and what men can do to prevent this from happening. If you understand these mistakes and learn how to avoid them, you will escape rejection and experience more successful outcomes when approaching women.

The following are the top three mistakes men make when approaching women:

1) Don’t approach women in the wrong place

You know you have approached a woman in the wrong place when she feels uncomfortable.  If a woman feels uncomfortable, you can guarantee rejection. The level a woman feels at ease depends on where she is at. So one of the worst things for you to do is approach her in the wrong environment.

One of the worst things for you to do is approach her in the wrong environment Click To Tweet

Here’s how to avoid this mistake: Take note of the environment before you approach

You may not want to approach the woman sitting next to you on the bus because if the conversation doesn’t go well, it would be awkward to escape on her end and even yours.  But approaching her while you and her wait for the bus would be a better environment because if the conversation becomes awkward, or if the interest is not there, you (or her) can choose separate seats when you get on the bus.  What is also good about this environment is that it can serve as a conversation starter.  Your shared destination gives you something in common to talk about.  In addition, you are able to pick up cues in the environment to help you make the best approach.  If you pay attention to what she says or does, you can use that information as conversation material when it is time to approach them.

2) Don’t approach women at the wrong time

You know you have approached a woman at the wrong time when she is short with what she says.  You know you are about to be rejected if you ask a question and get a one-word response with annoyance in her voice. If she is busy and is more concerned about meeting a deadline than you don’t want to approach her under this circumstance.

If her response is one word with annoyance in her voice then you know you are about to be rejected. Click To Tweet

Here’s how to avoid this mistake: Take note of the best moment to approach

If you see her waiting, then you can take this opportunity to make your approach.  Like eluded above when talking about the environment, waiting for the bus is not only a good environment to approach but it’s good timing too.  The reason why a woman might be more willing to be approached while she is waiting is that anything that helps the time go by, like a conversation, would be helpful. Waiting can be the most boring time of the day. So why not help the time go by talking with someone.  You can simply make a joke about how slow the bus is and this can be the icebreaker you need to continue the conversation with her.

3) Don’t approach women who don’t want to be approached

You know you have approached a woman who doesn’t want to be approached when she acts disinterested.  If she has earbuds in her ears, scrolling on her phone or reading a book, she is not interested in being approached.  If you interrupt her when she is in the middle of any of the aforementioned things, you can expect to be rejected.  These are signs that she is not interested in engaging so save yourself and don’t approach.

Earbuds in her ears, scrolling on her phone or reading a book, she is not interested in being approached Click To Tweet

Here’s how to avoid this mistake: Take note of their expression

It is important to observe her expressions and to know how a woman lets a man know she is attracted.  Learning how to pick up on social cues will help you have a successful conversation with a woman.  Somethings to help you take note of her expression and to look out for signs of disinterest include withdrawal (is she moving away from you?), choosing less personal topics to talk about (is she emphasizing that fact that she can’t wait for the bus to come), making remarks about leaving (is she talking about taking a taxi instead?), adopting a defensive posture (is she crossing her arms), turning away (is her back turned to you?), and avoiding eye contact (is she averting her gaze?).  If you see any of these signs, cut the conversation short and keep it moving.

What to do now to make the approach easier for men?

If you do avoid these mistakes, you will have a positive response to your approach.  Now it’s time to start implementing what you’ve learned.  Think of the times you approached and got rejected.  What do you think caused it? Was it the wrong environment? The wrong time? Or was she not open to being approached? Now imagine what you will do differently if you had that opportunity to approach her again.

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